I See You (I am Empty)

by Tribrix

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This song was recorded June 8, 1986 in my bedroom in Springfield, the day after my girlfriend broke up with me. She was extremely concerned about privacy, owing to her dad, who changed their unlisted phone number every six months. To protect her identity, I changed a few minor details when I wrote this song:

• I've never owned a Yugo
• Although we met in a Mall, she hated them and would never suggest meeting at one
• I mostly drink Pepsi
• Our family had an Apple IIe without a modem
• My girlfriend did not have a metal door in her back
• I was alone when the Challenger exploded
• I've never seen the Cure live
• At that time, I'd never had a wine cooler
• My girlfriend was not a cyborg (to the best of my knowledge)
• My "girlfriend" was not my girlfriend but she did break up with me then

I've always thought of her as "the one that got away". With any luck, she'll hear this song, recognize our story, and contact me. Years of cyberstalking have not brought me any closer to finding her. It's like she's in the witness protection program or something. Like she never existed, which would confirm the suspicions of my friends at the time. I don't want to put her name out there (she's done such a good job of hiding it) but if you know her now, please send her a link to the song. I really want to reconnect and see if the spark is still there.

This track is recorded on vintage equipment (analog tape) using only vintage instruments and effects (with very minor exceptions when the original effects were no longer available). The tape was transfered to digital with zero post processing or cleanup. What you hear is as close to the original tape as you can get without heading over to my place and taking a listen to the actual 4 track master.

You can read all about the making of this track here: tribrix.blogspot.com


I see you
Are you okay
I am empty
I see you

I waited for you
In my Yugo
I saw you walking
I watched you go

Let's meet at the Mall
That's what you said
But like a new Coke
I'm seeing red

I see you
Are you okay
I am empty
I see you

Then on a BBS
On my Commidore
Someone said they saw on
your back a metal door

We watched the Challenger
burn up as it soared
So much passion stirred
But then you seemed bored

It was just last night
At the Cure show
Drinking wine coolers
You let me know

Just like that rocket
All it's time spent
I found you're a cyborg
And that's when you went

I see you
I am empty


released June 6, 2012
Thank you to Simon Holland for inspiring this project. I'd long wanted to do something like this, but not for his Bedroom Tapes project, I'd never have succeeded.


Tribrix (which rhymes with "my mix" aka Lenny Timons) has lived in New York since 1995. Although he's been at it since 1989, he describes himself as "still learning the ropes" of music making. You can find his work on Youtube and bandcamp, and his blog on blogspot, just search for Tribrix and enjoy.



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Tribrix New York

Tribrix, (rhymes with "My Mix") is a featured artist of the UK based BCM recording label, promoting the creation and preservation of music recorded on compact cassette.

Although begun as a hobby, when "real life" friends began to share his music and ask for more, Tribrix began to take music making more seriously.

So continue the tradition, please share and enjoy the music.
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